About FeisuoPet

FeisuoPet, a subsidiary of Qingdao Fanhai Ruitong International Trade Company, is a leading producer and wholesaler of pet supplies. Established in 2021, our offices are located in Qingdao and Ningbo. We are proud to operate two shareholder-managed factories, specializing in pet toys and tofu cat litter manufacturing.

Our extensive network includes partnerships with over a hundred pet product manufacturers. Our product range encompasses pet toys, tofu cat litter, pet collars, leashes, dog harnesses, bowls, accessories, carriers, grooming tools, cleaning supplies, dog bedding, and cages.

We are committed to offering innovative and high-quality pet products at competitive prices. Our strong production capabilities and supply chain support enable us to meet diverse customer needs, ensuring satisfaction and trust in the pet care market.

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Our Office & Team

Our Office

Feisuopet has offices in both Qingdao and Ningbo. The Ningbo office, situated on the 8th floor of the Ningbo Tower, offers an exceptional and comfortable work environment. This landmark building in the city is recognized as a super Grade 5A office space.

Our office is well-equipped with facilities such as a gym, a library, and a meditation room, designed to provide a space for our hardworking employees to relax and unwind after work.

At Feisuopet, we are driven by our care for every employee and small animal, which is the cornerstone of our sustained development.

Our Team

Our team at Feisuopet is a group of young, energetic people who have a deep love for animals and life. We are not just manufacturers and sellers of pet products; we are also pet enthusiasts and users of our own products.

As cat owners, we understand the strict quality demands pet lovers have for pet supplies. Therefore, every item in our product line undergoes the most genuine test: usage and experience by our own pets.

Our philosophy is: "If our cats like and benefit from these products, only then do we recommend them to you." This is more than just a sales strategy; it's our commitment to quality and safety.

Our Mission at Feisuopet

Driven by our love for animals, every employee at Feisuopet views their work as a mission, dedicated to providing the best products and services for pets and their owners. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, but their common interests and goals bring them closely together, creating a vibrant, innovative, and caring work environment.

Choosing Feisuopet means selecting products carefully chosen and recommended by people who love pets just like you. We offer more than just products; we share a lifestyle of enjoying healthy, happy lives with our pets.